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'The Art of the Slap' is here!

www.scharplingandwurster.com has launched!

The Art of the Slap

Welcome to Stereolaffs Central:
The Home of Scharpling & Wurster

Do you like to laugh? Well, you've come to the right pl- wait, what? You want to keep your kids from playing their awful music on your expensive HiFi? You want www.stereolatch.com. No, don't worry, it happens now and again. Ok, have a nice d-wait, what did you say? No, don't look the other way - you called me an asshole, didn't you? Well, you're the only one here. Look, I heard it plain as day. Oh really? Hey, please don't think for a second that I would hesitate in any way before taking you to the floor. No need to get upset? You started this whole thing by insulting me under your breath while you were walking away. Not saying anything under your breath now, are you? Yeah, just keep walking.

Welcome to Stereolaffs Central. Do you like to laugh? Well, you've come to the right place.

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