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 July, 2000

What's up, everybody?!

What a couple weeks.  Here's a little recap:

1. Boy starts label. 

2. Boy puts out prank interview CD which meets with modest success. 

3. Boy signs deal with local trash-talking self-proclaimed "King of Toilet Radio." 

4.Boy finds out all 70,000 Toilet Tunes Vol. 1 CDs are being held at customs in Taiwan on obscenities violations.

5. Boy cancels "King of Toilet Radio" instore at Record Ron's because of lack of product.

6. "King of Toilet Radio" goes ahead with instore anyway.

King of Toilet Radio, Rory Blake

7. "King of Toilet Radio" shows up drunk and presents own penis to hapless priest shopping for Anne Murray cassettes.

8. "King of Toilet Radio" begins doing routine featuring bits deemed too obscene for own album.

9. Boy is summoned to record store to help restrain "King of Toilet Radio."

10. "King of Toilet Radio," now totally nude, punches boy in neck and slanders him by making outrageous accusations in front of 200-300 onlookers.

11. Two days later, "King of Toilet Radio" is fired from radio station and leaves town, most of Western Maine now believes boy enjoys sex with lunch meat. 

Pretty cool stuff, eh?

Believe you me, I'm going to get back every cent I put up for that record if it takes going over to Taiwan to do it.  Y'know what? That's exactly what I'm going to do.  Grandpa Claude set aside some emergency money for me and this sure as fuck qualifies.  Maybe I'll even do a little hang gliding while I'm up there.  

see you in a couple weeks,

Mike Velndonom

August 2000