Claude Y. Velndonom

        CEO Velndoco Entertainment Inc.

July, 2000

How weak the mortal frame.  Yes, even yours truly, Western Maine's king of construction needs to step back from his desk, walk away and take a breather once in a while.  

I began having severe chest pains about two weeks into the Bentonton Convention Center project.  The pains started one night during dinner at Lobster Lance's Fish Hut in West Hoover and continued for several days.  I went to see my physician of many years, Del Hasselbrink Sr., and my old buddy laid it on the line.  He told me that if I didn't stop pushing myself I'd be feeding worms in two years.  When I got home I looked into my beautiful young  new wife Misty's eyes and told her to book us flights to any location she desired.  She chose the mystical isle of Cancun. I am seated on an enchanted sandy beach drinking from a coconut shell-shaped cup as I dictate this message.  

I haven't heard from my grandson since I left so I'm assuming everything at Stereo Laughs is still going great gangbusters.  He has such high hopes for the Rory Blake lecture disk.  I just know it's going to be a smash.  How could it not?  Young Michael is a chip off the old Velndonom block! 

I can't wait to tell young Michael about the band that plays here in the Hilton lounge.  They're called Quasar and boy do they have the beat! They do one song called "Rolling On The River" that I cannot get enough of.  Misty has been kind enough to befriend one of the members of the band and spend a good amount of time with him.  The young man's name is Curtis and Misty says he's very homesick.  It's so great of her to take it upon herself to help this boy out.  Why they're practically inseparable! What a gal.  Oh, I think I see them coming up the beach now.  Poor kid, he's so frightened of being alone he needs to hold Misty's hand.  That Misty is one in a million. I'm about to surprise her with news that I'm building her the tanning salon of her dreams in East Bentonton.  She is going to be speechless!  That is if she hurries her pretty little behind  -she and Curtis have been staring out into the sea for the last 10 minutes.  He must really be homesick.  That boy is so lucky to have met someone as selfless and caring as my little Misty.  Can I pick 'em or what? Enough of this. Back to the beach!

Best wishes to you all!

September, 2000