Stereolaffs  News

June, 2000

What's up, everybody?!

Things are really hopping here at Stereolaffs.  We (my new intern Sherrie and I) are thrilled to tell you this little bit of news:

Stereolaffs Records will be releasing Rory Blake's Toilet Tunes Vol 1 in July, 2000!

Rory needs no introduction if you have ever listened to 760 AM from the hours of 2:00-5:00 on Saturday mornings.  As the self-proclaimed "Filthiest f*ck on your radio dial," Rory has been sending Western Maine listeners into hysterics since his debut at the West Hoover station in November '99.  He has been fined by the FCC 13 times in his illustrious career (that's 4 more than Howard Stern!) and shows no signs of backing down.  Who can forget his infamous profanity-laced prank call to Billy Joel on the day of his divorce from Christie Brinkley on K102 FM in Kansas City?! Or the time he shoved a handful of dog droppings down the shirt of "funnyman" Rich Little at the Philadelphia Shriners Telethon in 1994?  This man is a comedy god!

While Rory must tone down his act for the public airwaves, Toilet Tunes shows Mr. Blake at his uncensored dirtiest.  We can't wait for you to hear this album!  If you aren't on the floor in convulsions the first time you hear "Pant Pudding" or "Bone Patrol," you are beyond hope! 

Rory will be embarking on an extensive tour of Western Maine in early July. Keep an eye on this site for dates.

July, 2000