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New Hope for the Ape Eared

There is hope!

"I loved Jon and Tom's Rock, Rot, and Rule so much, I make my friends listen to it on long car trips. Now, thanks to this new CD, I can drive twice as far without meaningful human interaction."
--Conan O'Brien

"Scharpling and Wurster are modern masters of the lost art of radio comedy. I challenge you not to spit Diet Mountain Dew Code Red all over your dashboard."
--Neal Pollack

PLEASE NOTE: This CD is no longer available through this website. You may purchase it on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic.

The 8 tracks on this 2-CD set represent some of the funniest pieces from the last three years of The Best Show on WFMU and show host Tom Scharpling and caller Jon Wurster continuing in the tradition of their two previous releases, Rock, Rot & Rule and Chain Fights, Beer Busts and Service with a Grin.

Disc One:

1. Mother 13:
Corey Harris, lead singer of the soon-to-be-dropped major-label alternative rock band Mother 13, calls Tom's show to promote his band's debut album and upcoming corporate-sponsored radio event performance.

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2. Chocolageddon:
Tired of losing weight the old-fashioned way? Dessert Town spokesman Jarrett Tompkins tells Tom and his listeners how they can drop pounds by eating a new kind of treat.

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3. The Chippert Report:
Davenport, Iowa music writer Bill Chippert tries to solicit a quote from Tom for a "lid blower" he's doing on a startling new genre of music called "toilet rock."

4. Todd and the Audio Guru Pt 1:
A listener complains about the quality of WFMU's audio feed and sheds light on a very intriguing relationship.

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Disc Two:

1. The Gas Station Dogs:
A very strange little man gives Tom's listeners the opportunity to join his rock band.

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2. Tom's Daddy:
Anyone who says "father knows best" hasn't met Tom's daddy.

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3. Consolidated Ball Bearings:
A wrong number gives a nice little glimpse into what really goes on behind the scenes of America's most exciting industry.

4. Todd and the Audio Guru Pt 2:
The shocking conclusion of this modern day morality tale.

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