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Hippy Justice

Scharpling and Wurster are back!

"Completely subverts the mainstream world of retail crank-call recordings and turn it on its head. Put the kids to bed and turn up the volume, because this disc is off-the-hook!"

Dave Willis -- co-creator, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

"Listening to these cuts, especially 'Old Skull' and 'Kid E-Bay', had me laughing the way I used to watching THE SIMPSONS, THE YOUNG ONES, or this old dude that used to live on my block when he’d throw his teeth at this one squirrel. Don’t say nothing, just buy it."

Patton Oswalt

Track listing:

Disc One:

1. Hippy Johnny –a simple song request opens up a whole hemp-based can of worms.
2. Old Skull –Tom catches up with a member of this legendary kiddie-punk band.
3. Darren from Work –a call from a co-worker makes Tom question his own sanity.

Disc Two:

1. Timmy von Trimble –a long-time listener with a unique worldview calls the show.
2. Rock 'n' Roll Car Dealership –Tom checks in with the co-owner of an unusual new local business.
3. Kid eBay –perhaps the oddest conversation ever recorded.


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